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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Oak Kitchen Cabinets Provide Beauty And Durability

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There are several different materials used to make cabinets, but oak kitchen cabinets have a beauty and luster all their own. They can be stained light or dark, but the grain of the oak wood will always show through, marking the kitchen as having some of the most durable materials available for lasting beauty. One of the greatest things about oak kitchen cabinets is they can cleaned, sanded and refinished should the need ever arise and the luster of the wood will always remain.

If the homeowner is renovating their kitchen and installing oak kitchen cabinets, they can be stained to match other oak furniture in the kitchen as well as any wood trim along the baseboard. Kitchen tables and chairs constructed of oak will make a great compliment to the oak kitchen cabinets that can also be stained to match other wood storage items in the house.

Choosing to install oak kitchen cabinets shows that the owner is interested in something that will last a long time and is not afraid to show their preference for a natural wood. Faux wood products, such and plastic and pressed wood covered with an imitation oak finish may offer a similar look, but closer inspection will reveal the true materials used in the cabinets.

Better Preparation Needed For Oak

Oak is heavier than many other materials, such as pine and even walnut, but as a hard wood it is worth its weight in durability. Appropriately stained and coated oak kitchen cabinets will shed stains and marks like the back of a duck repels water. Occasional waxing and refinishing of the coating may be needed but usually not more than once every two or three years.

There are folks that will use contact paper over plywood in an attempt to make their kitchen look as though it has oak kitchen cabinets, but nothing can hold the glow like real oak. While maybe not as hard as mahogany, oak remains the choice for many wood workers who build furniture from scratch. Unfortunately, there are some factories churning out oak kitchen cabinets mush faster than the trees can grow, and while they are just as durable, they are all the same and lack the unique quality available with a custom set of cabinets.

The price of real oak kitchen cabinets may be out of reach for many folks’ budget, but if they are though of as an investment, they will more value to the home than the price of cabinets.

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